Structural Analysis

The Structural Analysis studies include analyses of linear or non-linear tension and deformation at system/subsystem level of the vehicles. In order to achieve the targeted static and dynamic design criteria, design-analysis iterations are carried out on validated models.

Fluid Dynamics

The computational fluid dynamics unit carries out fluid and heat analyses in a number of different areas from aerodynamic behavior of the vehicle to performance of engine cooling group, to exhaust, to accumulation of dust around mirrors.


In the field of Noise-Vibration, studies are conducted to improve structural vibrations and/or comfort-critical vibrations on vehicles and to solve acoustic problems inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Dynamics

With the vehicle dynamic studies, suspension and driving performance of the vehicles is tested. Whether the desired performance criteria such as acceleration, braking, inclination climbing, crossing over vertical barriers, crossing over trench, etc. are met or not can be seen at the stage of prototype.