05 October 2021

Otokar wins a major bus contract of Amman

Otokar wins a major bus contract of Amman
Otokar wins a major bus contract of Amman
Türkiye’s leading bus manufacturer Otokar maintains the high momentum captured in global markets. With modern buses providing ultimate comfort in public transportation for millions of passengers in more than 50 countries, Otokar won a major bus tender in Jordan. According to the contract, Otokar will manufacture and export 136 buses, including 100 Vectio models and 36 Kent models for the transportation needs of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM).
Otokar, a Koç Group company, continues to be the public transportation choice of metropolitan municipalities in Türkiye and around the world for its innovative buses. The vehicles that Otokar manufactures with 58 years of industry experience are highly admired for their design, ergonomics, and technology, and used in countries, including Türkiye, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Otokar most recently won the tender for 136 public transportation buses which was financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the transportation needs of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), the capital of Jordan. The contract, amounting to approximately 32 million USD including VAT and other taxes, includes the maintenance of these buses and training of bus drivers for 2 years. Deliveries of the vehicles are foreseen to be completed until the end 2022.
General Manager Serdar Görgüç expressed his pleasure about meeting the growing public transportation needs of Amman, which is in the process of a major urban transformation with the projects launched in the last five years. “We are delighted to contribute to the transformation efforts that Greater Amman Municipality has undertaken to improve public transportation with our innovative vehicles again. I hope the contract will benefit both parties and the people of Amman. As Türkiye’s leading bus manufacturer, we will relieve and elevate comfort in Amman’s public transportation with our Kent and Vectio buses, preferred both in our country and major cities worldwide. We will start delivery of our modern vehicles, set to turn a new eco-friendly page in transportation, in lots next year”.
Görgüç reminded that Otokar is engaged in continuous R&D activities to contribute to public transportation and added: “We prioritize R&D activities by focusing on user needs and expectations. In the last decade, we allocated an average of 8% of our revenues for R&D activities. We had received an order from Greater Amman Municipality previously and completed its delivery. Currently, Otokar buses are serving the people of Amman successfully. We are pleased to be the city’s choice again, demonstrating that we manufacture vehicles tailored to needs and the satisfaction with our buses. Once the delivery of the latest contract is completed, the number of Otokar-branded buses operating in Greater Amman Municipality will reach 271.”

The medium-sized 9 mt Vectio buses that Otokar produces according to user expectations stands apart with its modern interior and exterior look, powerful engine, road handling, powerful performance, and low operating costs. With large and wide windows, spacious interiors and air conditioning offered as standard, the buses provide passengers a comfortable and pleasant ride. In addition to full dry air disc brakes, the buses also feature systems compliant with European safety norms and ensure maximum safety with ABS, ASR, and Retarder.
The 12mt Kent buses come with a low floor design enabling step-free entry and spacious interiors for passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride. Kent buses feature a modern interior and exterior design, eco-friendly engine, and excellent handling. The 36 Kent buses that will serve Greater Amman Municipality will offer low operating costs and provide a pleasant journey each season with a powerful air conditioning system. Kent ensures maximum safety with features such as ABS, ASR, disc brakes, and anti-jamming door systems.