10 June 2019

Otokar Launches the e-KENT C for the first time at the UITP Summit

Otokar Launches the e-KENT C for the first time at the UITP Summit

Otokar will present its new 100% electric bus e-Kent C for the first time at UITP's Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm,
Sweden. During three days, from 10 to 12 of June, visitors will have the chance to discover and learn more about Otokar's new 12-meter zero emission bus.
Emphasizing that the urgent need for initiatives is to improve transport pollution management. "In cities, constant population growth has inexorably led to an increase in road congestion and its corollary: pollution and noise emissions, with their harmful effects on the climate and quality of life. The development of an efficient urban transport system which respects the environment
is becoming a priority. Confronted to these challenges, developing electric vehicle solutions offers real prospects, and advances in technology are gathering pace. Otokar has decided to meet this challenge by launching a new generation fully electric urban bus: the e-Kent C. Otokar has been working on the alternative fuel vehicles for a long time. In Turkey, we launched the first hybrid bus in 2007 and the first electric midi bus in 2012. Despite limited public financial support to generate demand at that time, the Doruk Electra has been tested by several public operators in Turkey and enhanced our knowhow of this technology. Otokar worked also on CNG buses, which already met the European markets, like in Spain, with the sale of the recent delivery of 12 metre units.
Today we're happy and proud to introduce e-Kent C, Otokar's new 12-meter full electric urban bus, here in UITP. Otokar is focusing firmly on the future, offering a transport solution which contributes to the sustainable development of cities and helps improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. We believe e-Kent C will be one of the leading choices of operators and municipalities in Europe, who cares about environmental issues more and more every day", says Ali Murat Atlas, Otokar Europe's general manager.
e-Kent C buses will be available in 2020 in Europe. Otokar has already started to participate to tenders and accreditation.

e-KENT C: 100% electric
With its high powered electric drive, the e-Kent C's ZF wheel-in motors axle proposes a high standard performance. It permits to provide a maximum output of 250 kW and a maximum torque of 22.000 Nm. This powerful drive is especially well suited to routes that include challenging urban topography.
Batteries: placed on the roof, the standard e-KENT C version is equipped with 4 modules, each with 7 high-performance lithium-ion batteries, providing a total capacity of 300 kWh/h. Actuated by a control unit, the batteries can be operated safely in a wide range of temperature. An efficient direct liquid cooling optimizes their life.
Depot charging mode: it offers the advantage of a full charge in 4 hours, without requiring any infrastructure along the route, up to 300 kilometres autonomy.
Driving comfort: the smart dashboard with a digital central screen: the ease of use and ergonomics of the e-Kent C's control centre provides the driver – often facing stressful city centre traffic – with excellent working conditions. Behind the wheel, a central digital screen complements the regular analogue indicators, enabling key vehicle information to be read at a glance. The smart and digital
dashboard meets current ergonomic criteria. The e-Kent C is equipped with video side mirrors that prevent dead angle for a better road visibility of the driver.

e-KENT C: Zero Emission
The regenerative braking is one of the e-Kent C's remarkable technologies.
The batteries are therefore charged each time the brakes are applied, based on the requirements analysed by the electrical energy management system.
This device enables 15% to 20% of the energy to be recovered.

e-KENT C: Silent
Zero engine noise allows a relaxing journey for passengers and a peaceful city for residents. Otokar is also aiming to contribute to reduce the noise pollution.

e-KENT C: Dynamic design
Elegant and modern, the e-Kent C attracts also by its aestheticism. Passengers will be delighted to discover dynamic lines and a comfortable interior.
Otokar proposes a new way to travel with its friendly passenger area: large glazing for better view and natural light, wide corridor, no engine tower providing view on the rear for passengers.

e-KENT C: Technical specifications
Electric portal
ZF ave 130
Asynchronous Traction Motor
250 kW - 22 000 Nm Max
Torque on wheels
Operating voltage 400 V
Type Lithium-ion
Number of batteries 28 modules (7S4P) in 4 strings
Quantity of energy 300 KwH
Number of cells 48 pcs (2P24S)
Suspension and axles
Type of front suspension 2 air bellow + 2 shock absorber 1 levelling sensor
Type of rear suspension 4 air bellow + 4 shock absorber 2 levelling sensor
On the occasion of the release of its new public transport bus e-KENT C, Otokar launches the distinctive patronym «electricDRIVE». A signature that will now distinguish all new vehicles of the brand using a 100% electric drive technology,and throwing out no emissions harmful to the climate.