26 February 2020


Otokar unveiled its zero emission bus at UITP summit : the e-KENT

The e-KENT is equipped with 4 modules, each with 7 high-performance lithium-ion batteries, providing a total capacity of 300kWh/h. These batteries offer a range up to 300 kilometres. The full charge takes only 4 hours with a CCS Combo. Moreover, the bus is equipped with an electrodynamic energy recovery braking system. This devices enables up to 20% of the energy to be recovered.
The e-KENT enable a great road visibility thanks to its cameras that are replacing the side mirrors.

With this new generation of urban vehicle, Otokar is offering a transport solution which contributes to the sustainable development of cities and helps operators and municipalities improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

To learn more about this 100% bus : e-KENT