15 September 2021

Agreement signed for 100 Otokar buses to serve the mega city Istanbul

Agreement signed for 100 Otokar buses  to serve the mega city Istanbul
The agreement for the tender that the IETT General Directorate awarded to Otokar for the procurement of 100 articulated buses was signed. The agreement signing ceremony for the new 21 meter buses that will serve the people of Istanbul took place at the IETT Metrobus Garage with Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul, Alper Bilgili, General Manager of IETT, and Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar. The KENT C Articulated buses, which Otokar developed to raise the public transportation standards in Istanbul, will be delivered in lots by 2022. Otokar will also provide IETT after-sales services for three years.
Otokar, a Koç Group company, continues to reinforce the public transportation fleets of municipalities across Türkiye with its innovative and ecofriendly buses. The vehicles that Otokar manufactures are preferred in more than 50 countries. Otokar recently won the contract that IETT opened to procure 100 articulated buses and their after-sales services for three years for TL 606 million. Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul, Alper Bilgili, General Manager, IETT, and Serdar Görgüç, General Manager, Otokar signed the agreement at a ceremony in IETT’s metrobus garage in Edirnekapı, Istanbul.
Otokar, the choice of many cities in European countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Romania, and many metropolitan municipalities in Türkiye in recent years, developed 21 meter articulated KENT C for public transit in Istanbul. The 100 KENT C buses will be delivered in lots by 2022. According to the agreement, Otokar will also provide IETT after-sales services for the buses for three years.  
General Manager Serdar Görgüç spoke at the ceremony and said: “I want to thank Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and IETT senior management for trusting us. More than 1,000 public transportation buses of Otokar have been successfully operated by IETT since 2012 and carried the people of Istanbul. We are well-informed about Istanbul’s conditions, roads, and public transportation challenges and aware of the great responsibility that falls on us. As we enhance comfort in public transportation with the buses that we will manufacture, we will also contribute to lowering operating costs through our after-sales services. We will always stand with Istanbul, and hope that the new Otokar buses will serve the city well.”
After the agreement was signed, Serdar Görgüç presented a model of the bus to Ekrem İmamoğlu. Following the ceremony, the attendees viewed and tested Istanbul’s new bus.
The latest addition to Otokar’s vehicle lineup, the new 21mt articulated KENT C, with a 200-passenger capacity, will start a new era in public transportation with its high performance, durability, low fuel consumption, and excellent safety and comfort. The vehicle’s wide outward-opening doors will allow the passengers to get on and off the bus safely and quickly, while the no-step design and conveniently positioned seats will enhance accessibility. With a high roof, spacious interior, and powerful air conditioning, KENT C promises pleasant journeys in public transportation. The vehicle also stands apart with high heat and sound insulation.
21mt articulated KENT C comes with next-generation features and a powerful engine that delivers high torque. The vehicle’s Super Eco drive mode optimizes gear range and reduces fuel consumption. 21 mt articulated KENT C, developed by considering Istanbul’s road and weather conditions, is equipped with a 4th axle configuration with steerable independent suspension, ensuring high maneuverability. In addition, KENT C features an electronic management system that controls the articulated part of the bus, preventing swaying in corners and automatically limiting the engine’s power and torque to ensure high safety. KENT C is also equipped with alert systems that sense the vehicle’s surroundings, detect pedestrians and bicycles, and blind spots to warn drivers in risky situations.