Navigo U offers all the benefits of a coach, with low running costs. It is available in a choice of two lengths (7.80 m and 8.40 m) and can accommodate up to 37 seated passengers. An optional third door and platform lift are available to facilitate access for wheelchair users. Flexible and reliable, the Navigo U coach is perfect for use as a shuttle and is suitable for all types of route.

Max Power

129kW (180 hp)

Max Tork

1200 rpm

Vehicle Length

7.80/8.40 m

Fuel Type



Up to 37 passengers

Alternative Layout

Up to 37 passengers


The Navigo U offers passengers a bright interior with comfortable seats. Storage racks for small bags, as well as various compartments for larger luggage, offer a storage capacity of 3.20 m3. In order to facilitate access for users with reduced mobility, a lifting platform option is available. This versatile vehicle is equipped for use as either a school bus or a regular bus, such as a shuttle.


This coach, which offers the comfort of a monocoque chassis, is equipped with an optimised driver’s area. A pneumatic seat, automatic gearbox and adjustable steering column provide the ideal conditions for journeys in urban and rural situations, on all types of road. 2 driverspecific compartments also provide a greater amount of storage space.