Using a hydrogen fuel cell as its power source, KENT Hydrogen offers a glimpse into the future of public transportation, where reduced emissions and increased efficiency go hand in hand. Fuel cell electric buses stand apart with its extended driving range and quicker refueling compared to charging electric buses. Hydrogen buses are ready to be an ideal eco- friendly solutions especially for historical cities which have limited charging electricity infrastructure for vehicles. KENT Hydrogen draws attention with its low consumption and low operational costs in addition to its reliability due to high technology components. With its zero-emission nature, KENT Hydrogen produce only water vapor as a byproduct, thus drastically reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality in urban areas.
Kent Hydrogen is designed as 12m low-floor to meet all requirements in urban transportation. Thanks to its 21 tons maximum axle capacities and large interior volume, it has a carrying capacity of up to up to 82 passengers. Being lighter than the electric vehicles (with higher package numbers) in its segment has positively affected its high passenger carrying capacity. Kent Hydrogen stands out with its high safety and lightweight Type-IV (carbon-reinforced structure) hydrogen storage system positioned on the roof of vehicle. With a hydrogen storage capacity of approximately 1600L and 38kg, it provides filling opportunity in less than 10 minutes with hydrogen of SAE J2600 quality standard. Kent Hydrogen reduces costs for operators by reducing filling station and vehicle number requirements thanks to its short filling time. New technology fuel cell module positioned on top of vehicle provides power to 410 kW traction motor. Kent Hydrogen provides range of over 500 km and efficient operational hours thanks to its high hydrogen storage capacity, low hydrogen consumption and high technology reliable systems.

Fuel Type


Max Power

410 kW

Vehicle Length

12 m


Up to 140 kWh


500 km


Up to 82 passengers