The tried-and-tested reliability, low operating costs and an interior with space for up to 102 passengers make the Kent C an economical solution to optimise your bus fleet. Spacious and practical, the Kent C is available with 2 or 3 doors, in different lengths and with different seating configurations, enabling you to adapt its capacity to your needs. The interior is elegant and has a modern, fully fitted driver’s area that meets current ergonomic criteria. The independent front wheel suspension and use of active safety technology, such as ABS, EBS and ASR, ensure a smooth and steady drive.

Fuel Type


Max Power

221 kW (300 hp)

Vehicle Length

10.80 / 12 m


Up to 102 passengers


The high capacity and low operating costs of the Kent C guarantee excellent efficiency.

Kent C is a rational choice to reduce operating costs.
Available in 2 lengths (10.80 m and 12 m), the Kent C is a reliable, economical and quickly profitable vehicle thanks to its high capacity (up to 101 passengers). Both sizes can be equipped with a diesel engine.


A functional design and robustness combined with excellent on-board comfort.
The Kent C offers a variety of seating configurations for a rational layout. Its bright, elegant interior, which can be equipped with ultra-durable vandal-resistant seats, guarantees the smooth circulation of passengers. The driver's cabin is also optimised to ensure excellent working conditions.
The independent front wheel suspension, ABS, EBS and ASR offer enhanced safety for both driver and passengers during city journeys.